This game was made for the Global Game Jam 2019!  The Fox cannot jump.  Use WSAD or arrows to move the Fox, and then click with the Left-Mouse Button to use your grappling hook!

Richard Osborn

Chris Goff

Pon Sodprasert


SunnyLand sprites - ANSIMUZ

Toon Bear

too Cube Forest tilemap -

Fantasy Lands -

animated 2d trap -

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 2.0 out of 5 stars
Made withUnity
Tags2D, fox, Game Jam, Global Game Jam, grappling-hook, no-jump, no-knees, Singleplayer


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I made a gameplay critique video for GrappleFox!

This seems like a neat idea! ^_^

Some of the movement could use a bit of polish--but then, this is a jam game, after all!

I do second the commenter who noted that it's possible to grapple beneath the level; I actually made a fair bit of progress in that way on level three (I think that it was). Alas, I then fell--and encountered no "kill collider", leaving me stuck pacing an endless void... o_o

Finally, I wonder whether the levels might not benefit from a bit more space in which to work, extending the time that the player spends and the distance that they can cover in a single grapple. However, that's highly speculative--it may improve the game, and it may not!

All that said, I had fun playing this! ^_^


Hey, thanks for playing and leaving a comment!  You broke the game too much, lol.
We definitely could have benefited from spending more time developing the levels to fit the mechanics.  You make a great point with the lack of space - -the ceilings are low and restricts the player's hang-time.  
Thanks for playing and thank you for the input.


It's my pleasure, and happy dev'ing going forward! ^_^


This was a fun playthrough. however, i have some things i noticed. one:you can stick to walls if you are holding the left/right key; two: the bear (from the second level), the textured tiles, and the 3d bear traps looked out of place with the pixely feel to the game.: three; you can grapple underneath the level.


Thank you so much for playing my game and for leaving input!  This game was definitely hacked together, but I will keep some of these thoughts in mind for future games.  Thanks for playing.